Learn To Deliver A More Powerful, Profitable, & Persuasive Talk, Presentation, Podcast, or Book...
... By Learning How To Become A Master Storyteller!
Learn The Power Of Persuasive Storytelling To Standout As 
The #1 Authority In Your Market, Top of Your Ideal Client's Mind, & Close More Sales!
What's Up, I'm Marshal LIIIIVE!
I've dedicated my life to creating a 'for-purpose-business' that is on a mission to save a billion lives who save a billion lives! And I believe the way we will do that is through the power of Storytelling.
But don’t take my word for it, even science shows that storytelling has a massive impact on humans. It increases the production of hormones that are responsible for focus, motivation, memory, generosity, trust, bonding, creativity, relaxation, and even happiness, to name a few!

Stories cause your target audience to make an emotional investment. And the more emotionally connected they are, the less critical and objective they become. If you want to create more impact, influence, and income for your brand or in your business...


I’ve created the #1 online resource for learning how to tell stories that create more sales and more impact for speakers, coaches, trainers, experts, and entrepreneurs!
Grab Instant Access To The #1 Most Comprehensive Storytelling, Persuasion, & Sales Training for Speakers In The World!
Why Did I Create The Storytelling Academy?
To Save Lives Through Storytelling...
Everyone wants to have more impact, create more influence, make more money, have more freedom. So many of people want the same thing, yet so few of them ever achieve it because they don't know where or how to get started. 

I've been able to unlock the answers to many of these challenges,  simply by learning how to leverage powerful stories - to help create more persuasion , authority, and influence in my brand. I want to share this powerful skill with the world so you all can help me on my mission to save a billion lives who will save a billion lives! 

If I can transfer my energy, experience, and knowledge that's allowe me to obtain freedom, happiness, wealth, heatlh, and fulfillment - then you can pay it forward again and again.
What if you had a brand that could command premium prices and have your ideal clients seek you out?
Have you ever wondered why some coaches, experts, authors, and influencers can get away with charging more for the same thing you can do better?
The truth is I used to struggle with turning my skills into cash flow when I started my expert business. I took all of the marketing courses, read all of the books, and went to all of the seminars. But nothing was converting like it seemed to be for all of these top gurus. I couldn't figure out how to get paid to speak, and when I did get the occasional chance to even speak for free, I could never close sales at the end! It was frustrating and it made me want to give up.
Because of this - Amazing speakers with powerful messages are being drowned out in a crowded marktet.

And the fact of the matter is this... there's a lot of powerful messages out there not being heard because entrepreneurs aren't leveraging storytelling and persuasive selling techinques in their speaking business, correctly, like they should be.
The #1 Piece Of Advice For Standing Out In A Crowded Market Place...
... Is To Create An Emotional Connection to Your Audience Through...
From my experience with hundreds of clients & students, Storytelling is without a doubt the #1 way to establishing authority, brand awareness, creating wealth and making a deep, emotional connection with your target audience, turning them into lifelong buyers.
The Top Reasons Entrepreneurs Aren't Utilizing Powerful, Profitable, & Persuasive Storytelling In Their Speaking Business Right Now:
Fear #1: "I'm Not Qualified To Get Paid To Speak"
Fear #2: "I Don't Have A Story That's Valuable"
Fear #3: "I Don't Know How To Find Paying Gigs"
Sound Like Anything You've Caught Yourself Saying Before?
What I've Discovered Over The Years Though...
... Is that storytelling is a skill you can learn and develop just like anything else.
It simply comes down to understanding these 4 Areas:
1. Why Stories Work
2. The Storyteller
3. The Story
4. The Story Listener
Once you break it down into these 4 easy to understand categories, you can learn to become a master storyteller in no time!
 Charge A Premuim Price For Your Products & Services
 Earn Multiple Streams of Higher Direct & Indirect Income
 Be Recognized As The Authority In Your Niche
 Engage Your Audience To Make An Emotional Investment
 Attract Your Ideal Client To You
 Make Deep Meaningful Connections To Your Purpose
 The Incredible Power To Save People's Lives
"Storytelling is the #1 Money Making Skill To Posses In Today's Business World"
Here's What Others Are Saying About The Marshal LIVE & Storytelling Academy...
Wayne C - Author and Speaker
Caleb M - Maddix Publishing
Jordan K - Speaker
James Malinchak - ABC's Hit Show 'Secret Millionaire' 
Devon C - Marketer
Alyshea S - Spiritual Healer
Here's What's Included In...
The Storytelling Academy 
The #1 Storytelling Speaker Sales & Persuasion Training For Generating More Sales For Speakers, Experts, & Influencers
Act 1: Why Stories Work (7 videos)
Act 2: The Storyteller (10 videos)
Act 3: The Story (10 Videos)
Act 4: The Story Listener (6 videos)
Act 5: The Art Of Storyselling (6 videos)
Bonus: Advanced Sales, Persuasion, NLP, Body Laungaue
35+ Video's Broken Down Step-By-Step
In Easy To Understand & Apply Lessons

This course IS for...
 Influencers, Speakers, & Coaches who purpose-driven & have a big message to get out to the world.
Influencers who  want to leverage social media, video marketing, & storytelling
Entrepreneurs who already have an established product or service
Influencers who are leveraging video marketing to create an online business
Speakers who want to know how to sell powerfully from stage
Authors who want to learn to be more persuasive stroytellers
CEOs who want to connect better to their teams and prospects
Entrepreneurs who want to create FREEDOM, IMPACT, & WEALTH from speaking
This course is NOT for...
Anyone who needs to be "sold" on why this is valuable
Anyone not ready to make an investment in an ROI positive skill
Anyone without a product or service
Anyone who cares about income over impact
Anyone who is looking for a "get rich quick" skill set
Anyone who doubts their ability or mission in life
Those who care more about themselves than others
Anyone who doesn't want to make social media content
Here's The Modules Included In This Course...
I'm Also Throwing In TWO Awesome...
BONUS #1: My #1 Selling Mindset Coaching Course ($997 value)
Get out of your own way and break through the limitations that hold you back in life and in business! This is the premier mindset course to creating an unstoppable mindset! This 8 Module, 81-video course is the best lessons and trainings I learned from my millionaire and billionaire mentors, personally. Put the fear of speaking in front of people to rest once and for all!
BONUS #2: Access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group Community ($2999)
This is NO typical Facebook Group! I run mine a little different. I don't care about how big it gets, I care about how QUALITY the members are. We provide INSE free value in there almost daily - and I could easily sell this or charge a subscription to it, but for now, it's a FREE bonus just for you... for life!
Total Value of Bonuses: $4997
"You're Going To Want To Invest In This Course Because You're Going To Love What It Does For Your Life & Business, Guaranteed!"
Today's Investment For The Storytelling Academy Gets You Access To...
*The Storytelling Coaching Program ($8,999)
* "Get Paid To Speak In 30 Days Accelerator ($4,999)
*10 Step Storyselling System ($14,999)
*BONUS: Unstoppable Mindset Program ($2999)
*BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Group ($1999)
TOTAL VALUE: $33,995
That's exactly what it would cost you right now today if you were to hire me individually for the above services...
But, Obviously, I'm not going to charge you even close to $33,995 for this program
Your Total Investment For Storytelling Academy
*The Storytelling Coaching Program ($8,999)
* "Get Paid To Speak In 30 Days Accelerator ($4999)
*10 Step Storyselling System ($14,999)
*BONUS: Unstoppable Mindset Program ($2999)
*BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Group ($1999)
TOTAL VALUE: $33,995
One-Time Investment For Lifetime Access
    Most flexible
    Billed As 3 Consecutive Monthly Payments 
      Don't Take My Word For It, Check Out What These Members Are Saying...
      Kat Mason: Canada's #1 Astrological Business Coach
      Brittany Walker: Leading Health & Wellness Expert
      Emily Daigle: Social Media Marketer
      Cam Gallagher: Founder of World Renowned "Bold Protocol" 
      Michael Way: Digital Consultant
      Jeremey Adam: Top 5% National Insurance & Business Consultant
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